Provincial Championships 2018

Provincial Team
Vivian Baker, Monday, 5 February 2018

Provincial Championships 2018

The provincial championship for the Austin Roberts Shield a Round Robin event between the Wimmera, Bendigo, Ballarat and Geelong Regions was held in perfect conditions at Central Wendouree on Sunday.

In the first round Ballarat played Wimmera coming out victors by 15 shots. The Bendigo Geelong match saw Bendigo jump out to a lead in excess of 20 shots midway through the match. Geelong then staged a massive comeback with the John O’Donnell led rink of Brandon Anderson, Mick West  Dan Priddle finally gaining the upper hand over the Strong Ryan Tainton rink eventually winning 15/13. The other rinks  held their ground or slowly worked their way back a little.It was left to the little maestro Steve Sullivan’s   and his rink of  Luke Wayth, Gary Warren Raymond Butler to make the big inroads into the deficit. What an effort by those 4 regularly getting multiples. All other matches finished Sullivan and co grabbed 3 shots on the last end to make it an 85/85 overall tie. Sullivan’s rink winning 26/9.

The second round saw Geelong beat last year’s Wimmera fairly convincingly. With 5 out of the 6 rinks winning giving Geelong a 91/73 victory. Ballarat defeated Bendigo in a nail biter last end affair 80/78.This set the scene for showdown with home team Ballarat with the winner to take the shield

The Geelong team came out blazing with an attitude and skill to match it just blew Ballarat away. The Geelong big guns came out blazing John “Call the Fire Station” O’Donnell’s rink and the Matthew Flapper rink of Brendan Umbers, Jeremy Fitzgerald and Brad Pavey Flapper both led 14/0 after 4 ends each doused any hope of a Ballarat victory. The other rinks followed on soon had an unassailable lead of 83/28 eventually winning 125 to 65.

The Sullivan and O’Donnell rinks went through their 3 games undefeated. The other 4 rinks were all valuable contributors to the team’s ultimate success.

The victorious team consisted of Steve Sullivan (s) Luke Wayth, Gary Warren, Raymond Butler: Craig Hodges (s) Chris Price, Tony Joel, Brett Irvine: John O’Donnell (s) Brandon Anderson, Mick West, Dan Priddle: Matt Flapper (s) Brendan Umbers, Jeremy Fitzgerald, Brad Pavey: Ben Wilding (s) Zane Lugg, Stewart Shuttleworth, Dave Priddle: Cal Underberg (s), Alan Sampson, Rhys Jeffs, Larry Donohue: Manager Craig Elliott:

Congratulations to you all on a great effort you did yourselves and Geelong proud  

Craig and Sandra